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WASTED: the true story of Jim McNeil

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Shortlisted as one of three finalists in the 2011 Ned Kelly Awards for true crime writing (3 August 2011) Sydney Morning Herald’s non-fiction BOOK OF THE WEEK (13 Nov 2010) “An artfully constructed…well-researched biography that invites readers to turn the pages with alacrity” (Murray Waldren) “A fine, nuanced narrative – this is a remarkable road trip movie of a book” (Bob Ellis ) “My god, what a story! A hugely enjoyable read and SUCH a […]

Lamarck’s Evolution

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LAMARCK’S EVOLUTION: two centuries of genius and jealousy Ross Honeywill – Pier 9, August 2008   With a narrative as lively as fiction, this is the true story of Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck and Ted Steele who, with a passionate hunger for scientific truth, overthrow the rules set by two different civilizations in two different centuries. Before Darwin, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck created the first theory of evolution, an idea so powerful it promised to become the […]

NEO Power

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  The changing face of society has been buried under a landslide of information that is often meaningless. Labels like ‘generation X’, ‘generation Y’, and ‘baby boomers’ don’t describe our desires or explain how and why we behave as complex human beings, let alone as workers, consumers, and homemakers. To find a solution to this problem, Ross Honeywill and Verity Byth spent seven years surveying hundreds of thousands of respondents, and examined more than 2000 […]